City of Norwich School

Homework at CNS

At City of Norwich School homework is published for students and parents via ShowMyHomework, a service that is part of the Satchel:One website and app.

Homework is a key part of our curriculum and focuses on consolidating and applying learning from lessons, as well as preparing students for future learning.

How much homework are students set? Homework is planned by teachers so that it support in class learning, and as such homework is set at appropriate points during the learning rather than on a set day for each subject. Each subject sets an identified amount of homework per week, and the table below outlines this.

Year 7

  • English, Maths and MFL 30 minutes per week
  • Humanities 60 minutes per half term
  • Science 30 minutes per fortnight

Year 8

  • English and Maths 30 minutes per week
  • MFL 30 minutes per week per language
  • Science 30 minutes per fortnight
  • Humanities 60 minutes per half term

Year 9

  • English and Maths 45 minutes per week
  • Science 60 minutes per fortnight spread across the three Sciences
  • Humanities 60 minutes per half term
  • MFL 30 minutes per week per language
  • Art, Music and Computer Science 60 minutes per half term; Drama an extended termly project.

Years 10 & 11

  • Homework set by all exam subjects
  • 60 minutes per week for English, Maths and Core Science (spread across Biology, Chemistry and Physics).
  • 30-45 minutes per week for all Option subjects.

Years 12 & 13

  • One hour of directed homework/ boost activities for every two hours of lessons. This is in addition to students’ own independent study.
  • Homework at KS5 should include:
    • Directed homework: Directed tasks that develop skills and knowledge needed for the A-Level Curriculum. This should not just be finishing work from the previous lesson. These directed homeworks should account for around 70% of set tasks.
    • ‘Boost’: Directed tasks that encourages learning beyond the curriculum. These Boost homeworks should account for around 30% of set tasks.


How is homework handed in? Most homework will be handed in during a lesson. The details on ShowMyHomework will explain what students should do.

What should I do if I’m stuck on a piece of homework? Teachers give detailed advice on homework on ShowMyhomework and in lessons. However, if you get stuck, don’t worry. Contact your teacher either by email or in school for help with any homework.

About ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One

How can I access ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One? ShowMyHomework? Satchel:One can be accessed via a browser or via the app (we recommend the App highly – available from App store or Google Play

It’s best to log in to the account using your own personalised account. This will give students the homework for their individual classes. The whole school calendar of homework can be found here if you forget your login All CNS homework can be found on this page. Whole school homework calendar:

I’ve never used ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One before. How do I set up a new account? Students and parents can set up a personalised account with ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One by using the PIN issued by the school. If you need help with getting a PIN, send an email to and we’ll get an activation email sent out to you.

If you have your PIN and need help with setting up an account, this video shows you how to do so

Tutorials on using ShowMyHomework/ Satchel:One: These videos show you how to get the most out of Satchel:One/ ShowMyHomework