City of Norwich School

Personal Development

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education (SMSC)

At CNS we want to create an ethos which develops students spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. We aim to do this within a focus on British values and an appreciation of a place within a wider international, multicultural context.

You can read the full British Values policy by clicking on the link here: British Values    

SMSC is about the values that we promote in all aspects of school life.  Specifically, SMSC issues are discussed during our tutor time programme which incorporates our whole school question of the week.  This question is also discussed in our house assemblies, providing a focus for discussion across the school. 

Please read the full SMSC policy by clicking on the link here:   SMSC Policy

Guidance Days

The Guidance Programme at CNS is an important part of school life and all teachers, as well as a range of established outside providers, are involved in its delivery. These days provide the opportunity for students to explore a range of PSHE, careers, and SMSC themes in an environment separate from the usual timetables school day. Each house has an allocated PSHE tutor time, where a specific scheme of learning is followed and students explore age-related themes.

  • Study skills
  • The world of work.

Careers education

Careers information is available to students of all ages.  We have a partnership with Beacon East which provides an impartial guidance advisor, available to our students two days a week.  As well as one-to-one interviews, students work in small groups exploring common guidance needs such as apprenticeships or advice in accessing different careers.  Students also receive careers information and advice during guidance days, year-specific assemblies and through the support of their tutors.  This information is also available to parents at consultation evenings throughout the year. Subjects highlight links with career paths and opportunities that students can explore relating to different academic areas.  These opportunities are supported by online services such as the National Careers Service and HelpYouChoose, a county-wide service dedicated to supporting young people’s careers information, advice and guidance, as well as their post-16 applications. 

Health and Sex Education

The Guidance Programme also covers Health and Sex education. This links in with work that is covered elsewhere in the curriculum, such as facts on human reproduction, covered within the National Curriculum programmes of study for Science, personal hygiene in Physical Education and Food Technology. The school makes use of expert agencies on a range of topics, such as the Matthew Project on drugs awareness and the Health Council on Aids education. Within the course, the specific areas of sex education and drugs education are taught. It is our aim to provide students with the information to make informed personal choices within a context which engenders mutual respect and responsible decision making. 

Post-16 opportunities

In Year 11 all students receive further guidance on post-16 opportunities at CNS and beyond.  A careers fair and interview day both form integral parts of our guidance day programme for Year 11s. Year 11s are given priority access to our guidance advisor, who has a specific focus on helping these students access appropriate education and training.  This process is supported by the work of our tutors and senior members of staff. Assemblies and dedicated tutor time is also allocated to wider opportunities such as university taster sessions and the National Citizens service.