City of Norwich School

Music lessons and clubs

Mondays Time Day/Venue Staff Member Price
Cello Group 8.15-9 Room 204  Mrs Stowell  Free
Saxophone Choir - advanced 8.30-9 Room 204  Mrs Parker Free 
Stage Choir 1.20-2 Room 203  Mr.Sunderland  Free
Guitar Group 1.20-2 Room 202 Mr Torn Free
Wind Quintet 1.20-2 Room 204 Mrs Evans Free
Funk Band 3.05-4.15 Room 203  Mr.Skinner/Mr.Torn  Free
School Production - Betty Blue Eyes 3.30-5.30 Arc  Mr.Sunderland/Ms Carr  Free
Saxaphone Choir - beginners 8.30-9 Room 204 Mrs Parker  Free
Theory Club 3.05-4.15  Wednesday, room 204  Mrs.Lorenzo-Pierson  £5 a week
Brass Band 1.20-2 Room 204  Mr.Dockray  Free
Jazz Band 3.05-4.15  Arc  Mrs Selwood  Free
Upper String Group 1.20-2 Room 203 Mr Miles Free
Keyboard Club 1.20-2 Room 204 6th form ambassadors Free
Percussion Group 3.05-4.15  Friday, Arc  Mr.Skinner  Free
Orchestra 3.05-4.15 Room 214  Mrs.Reddington

Anyone can start up their own ensemble. See Mr.Sunderland for available rooms and times.


Check your timetable

Please be aware that lessons are subject to change on the day so students still need to check their time before the start of school each day. Timetables can be found in the Music Department on the noticeboard near the practice rooms.  

Swapping Lessons:

If you need to swap your lessons for any reason, please speak to your teacher or James Sunderland if you cannot find them before and we will try to move your lesson time if possible or you can email James Sunderland 

Inform your teacher:

All students should politely inform their class teacher that they have to leave 5 minutes before their lesson time. If there are any problems, then please inform James Sunderland immediately via email. If a teacher has given students notice of an assessment and they are not allowed out of a particular lesson, then inform your instrumental teacher or Mr.Sunderland and times can be swapped. If no advanced warning has been given to the student, then there should be no problem in leaving any class for an instrumental lesson. 

Keys for the cupboard: 

Keys for the instrumental cupboard can be obtained by paying £6.50 to the site office. This is refundable at the end of the year or whenever you would like to hand the key back. Do not let others use your keyfob as the cupboard gets very full. Please note that any instruments left in the corridor or practice rooms overnight are likely to be removed by the site team.