City of Norwich School

Activities for Children's Mental Health Week

Here are a couple of great activities that have been sent in by one of our parents and that have been created specifically for Children's Mental Health Week. 

Bird 1. This bird is called a Wird.

A mash up of a word and a bird. A simple collage activity using old magazines or junk mail. Draw an outline of your bird and then cut out words ‘randomly’ from magazines etc - then glue them onto your Wird! The words you choose may surprise you and the end result may present itself almost like a poem or a Calligram. It can be made my anyone, any age, either independently or with a family member. 


Bird 2. A Wird and a ‘few of my favourite things.’

Again draw a bird and the like a magpie collect things around the home that you love or say something about what you like to do, what you enjoy, or even what you collect! Again something that you can do on your own or as a family. 



These activities might provide some creativity, interest, fun and a topic for conversation in these challenging times for students, parents, teachers everyone!