City of Norwich School

CNS student wins OAT's Inspirational Learner Award

Congratulations to Year 11 student Ellie, who has won the Inspirational Learner Award at this year's Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT) Annual Awards.  Now in its seventh year, the awards ceremony recognises and celebrates the exceptional achievements of the pupils and teachers across its family of academies. 

Ellie joined CNS mid-way through Year 9 on a managed move trial from another local school, after getting into a pattern of behaviour that resulted in her spending large amounts of time in the behaviour unit rather than in her lessons.  Ellie and her family were experiencing a lot of hardship at home, which required Ellie to support her Mum and younger siblings in taking care of each other.

While the managed move trial was not without its challenges, Ellie persevered and was determined to make the move work. Despite her apprehension, she formed very positive relationships with key staff almost immediately.  Staff describe her as a funny, intelligent student who exudes real warmth and depth of personality, and Ellie ultimately joined CNS permanently in March 2019.  Ellie has shown great resilience, and has worked hard to achieve her GCSEs, coming into school almost every day as part of the school’s provision for vulnerable students through both lockdowns, whilst also embracing any support offered to her to help fill the gaps left by previously missed schooling. 

Though her personal circumstances have continued to be difficult, Ellie is a kind, mature and compassionate student who always seeks to support her friends with their own ups and downs, and who can communicate in a mature and open way with adults.

Ellie is a true inspiration and very much deserves this award.  Well done Ellie!