City of Norwich School

UEA mentoring celebration

Eight CNS students from Year 9 recently took part in an 11-week mentoring programme at the University of East Anglia (UEA) which culminated in a Mentoring Celebration Day.

The scheme was designed for pupils who have the ability to attend university but are not aiming to go, whether because of confidence or other barriers. The mentoring programme aims to challenge mind-sets, increase knowledge of university, and develop key skills.

The students met weekly in school with a current, trained university student and were provided with activities, discussion starters and resources linked to the aims of the programme.

The Mentoring Celebration Day was a chance for the students to show off their work from the mentoring project and participate in an “off the campus” challenge.

CNS was victorious overall against the 10 other schools competing in the challenge, and they also took part in various sporting activities and a ‘show and tell’ of their various projects.

A highlight of the day was CNS student Harlie Cozens, who defeated over 100 students to win a Bronze prize for her project.

Sam Watts, Deputy Leader of “Kelling House” at CNS, said:

The kids were great all the way through the challenging 11 week programme. Students all tried tremendously hard and put a huge amount of effort into their individual projects.

“It was amazing to find out that Harlie's project came third out of around 120 other students from 10 different schools. I am so proud of them all.


From left to right: Juno, Samantha and Isaac 

Harlie, taking part in the Archery