City of Norwich School

Charities Week

City of Norwich School students have raised over two thousand pounds during the traditional annual charities week. 

Three charities will benefit from the total amount raised of £2,367.

The chosen charities are MAP, a group of advisers, counsellors and youth workers in Norwich who provide support to young people in a free and confidential way; the Norfolk Accident and Rescue Service and national charity Action Aid. 

There are five Houses at CNS, and each House competes for the Charities Cup as to how much money they can raise and also the Spirit Cup as to involvement in the week. 

This year, Holkham won the Charities Cup, coming first in the Quiz and having the most donated clothes for the clothes bank, as well as coming second in the talent show and break time events. They raised a total of £353.82.

Kelling House won the Spirit Cup as they helped out and supported the most during the week. 

Whole school events also took place including 'I'm a teacher, get me out of here', 'the big quiz' and 'CNS has got talent'. Well done to the very brave Miss Coupland who endured a series of 'trials' to win 'I'm a teacher, get me out of here'. 

Congratulations also to Dhanush  from Blakeney House who won the CNS talent show. Martina and Ivy from Winterton came second with Lola and Ali from Thornham in third. 

Images: Spirit Cup, break and lunch times during charities week






'I'm a teacher, get me out of here'




Charities Week student ambassadors