City of Norwich School

Climate Change Protest

We are aware that a further protest over the issue of climate change is planned in several towns and cities, including Norwich on Friday 29th November from 1pm and that students may again be encouraged to take part during the school day.

As in previous protests, while I recognise the strength of feeling over this issue, I have a duty of care to ensure the safety of all students and cannot consent to students missing out on important learning time. 

Therefore, it is important, to verify requests, that we receive explicit written consent via email to by the end of Wednesday 27th November, that you wish your child to attend the protest march, so we will not prevent them from leaving school. However, the absence will be noted as unauthorised and parents and carers will be responsible for their child’s safety and welfare during this time. A slip will be issued to students by their form tutor and they will leave at 12.30-40pm in order to get a period 4 registration . Any student who tries to leave site without parental consent will be truanting and sanctioned in line with the school behaviour policy. Students will not be expected to return to school as the protest begins at 1pm resulting in a half day of unauthorised absence.

We would again urge students against walking out of school on this day. It is extremely disruptive for a school to have to deal with unauthorised absences and students will be missing out on important learning time.

NB If the permission email is not received by the end of Wednesday 27th November, students will not be able to leave site.  

Ms J Philpott