City of Norwich School

Gifted mathematicians

We are full of admiration for the two Year 6 pupils from Eaton Primary School who are taught by Head of Maths, Mr Rollison each week here at CNS. 

Yara and Ved are studying for their GCSE in Further Maths, along with 23 of our Year 11 students. The group spend two hours every week after school, extending their knowledge and understanding of mathematics, for the joy and love of it.

They are both exceptionally gifted mathematicians and are relishing the additional challenge that we at CNS are able to offer them through this course.  In fact, they often keep the Year 11's on their toes, as they grasp new concepts so incredibly quickly.   

Mr Rollison, Head of Maths 

We wish all in Further Maths every success. 

Yara and Ved (both in red) enjoying the challenge in Further Maths