City of Norwich School

Greenpower F24 electric car challenge

A group of 15 Year 9 students are working on a project called the ‘Greenpower’ challenge, which involves building and designing an electric race car. They will be racing this car in an inter-school race at the Lotus racetrack in Hethel this coming summer. 

Here is the latest news from the team, written by student Mia Gibson, Social Media Lead on Greenpower CNS:

This week in 'Greenpower' we have started to put the wheels on the car and make small polystyrene models of different car shapes to test the aerodynamics. We are also filing the steering rods and thinking of more ways we can decorate the car.

We have had to postpone the car wash because of the weather but we are hoping to do it next Wednesday (for fundraising).

Two of our team have a meeting with the school governors to discuss the project and tell them how it is going.