City of Norwich School

Guidance Day

On Wednesday 6th March 2019, students of all key stages will be participating in Guidance Day, which aims to broaden students’ personal development, both physically and emotionally. Students will engage with a range of topics and external speakers to ensure a wealth of PSHE and social, moral, spiritual and cultural knowledge and experience is explored. 

Our intention is to prepare each of our students to ensure they are in a competitive position to secure a career that is stimulating, rewarding and provides financial well-being.  

Year 7 

Blakeney students will be taking part in a STEM workshop activity called “Energy Quest” in the Study Hall during period 1 and 2. 

Holkham and Thornham students will have a one hour career motivation workshop with “Learn By Design”. 

Kelling and Winterton students will be using the computers to start their careers journey, finding out about careers they might like, how “hot” these careers are, the pay and how to get into them.  

In period 5 everyone except Blakeney (who will be doing road safety) will be in the common room for a presentation inviting them to do a STEM challenge called “Bright Ideas” with Learn by Design 

Year 8 

Everyone (in two halves) will take part in a STEAM challenge in the sports hall, they will be working in groups and competing to make the best machine. 

A small group will go instead to a 2-hour workshop focusing on careers – how to make a good first impression. 

Kelling students will have a talk “Why go to University” from representatives from the UEA. 

Everyone will be using the computers to research their careers journey, finding out about careers they might like, how “hot” these careers are, the pay and how to get into them.  

Year 9  

GCSE subject tasters: all students will be able to choose 2 hours of subjects to go to that they haven’t experienced at GCSE.  

Alternatively, they can have a “Why go to university?” session with the UEA, where they can start to build up a careers profile with Unifrog and they can also go to the entrepreneurial motivation workshop with Learn by Design.  

In period 5 students have a choice between STEM careers information, finance and accountancy or the entrepreneurial session with Learn by Design. 

Year 10 

Year 10 students will be doing the “Learn to Earn” day with Young Enterprise or Future first. This is an entertaining day looking at the wider issues of career and lifestyle choices.  

Year 11 

Year 11 will be doing supported mock exams in English and maths to help prepare for these crucial exams. 

Year 12 

Year 12 students will all be going to Anglia Ruskin University at Chelmsford.  They will have a wide choice of taster lectures to go to, to help them decide if they would like to go university and to get an idea of what they might like to study.  There will also be student finance information, with a focus on how to get grants and bursaries that don’t have to be repaid.  A campus tour will provide a chance to see inside a university library, sports facilities and halls of residence. 

Year 13 

Year 13 students will be anticipating the transition to university and leaving home.  "What do I do on results day?", "How might I feel when I leave home?", "What are the problems of leaving home?"   

We will also have a finance presentation from UEA to help with the next steps in organising this.