City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, 8th December 2017

As the days get shorter, the pace of school life continues at full throttle. There are lots of preparations taking place for Charities Week and I am pleased that the students have chosen NARS (Norfolk Accident and Rescue Service), MAP (Mancroft Advisory Project) and Action Aid charities to support this year. Each house will have its own dedicated day from Thursday 14th December through to the end of term on Wednesday 20th December. Charities Week epitomises so much of the ethos and spirit of CNS and this year we are introducing 'The Spirit Cup' which will be awarded to the house that has demonstrated the best 'spirit' across the year; this will include charities week.

Yesterday, you will have received a letter regarding the Access Controls at CNS. This is an important measure in terms of staff and student safety and is a common feature in schools today. The challenge for CNS, has been the large number of external doors we have and ensuring that movement to and from regular activities that take place during lesson time is not compromised. As with any change, it will take us all a little while to adapt and then it will become the norm. Please be reassured that this has been a well thought through and planned process with student interest being priority.

Last night, we welcomed Year 7 parents to their first parents evening. The Sports Hall was buzzing with purposeful and animated conversations centered around student progress and attitude to learning. I must congratulate Year 7 on making an excellent start to life at CNS; they are hardworking, enthusiastic and very polite.

I am greatly looking forward to my middle son returning home from university this weekend and I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you have planned.

Jo Philpott

Twitter: @head_cns_school