City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 10th February 2017

It has been a good lead up to half term this week. Monday evening saw two Governors’ meetings, Steering Committee followed by Enrichment. Nationally, education is changing so quickly as is the local agenda but it is important that CNS maintains its ethos and values whilst using initiatives for the good of our students. The Steering Committee is central to that aim as we go through the progress of the school vision and discuss both the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

I am aware that some schools don’t have a committee for Enrichment but it is such a crucial and important area for CNS. The highlight is always when students attend (usually with a member of staff) so my thanks to Maude Webster and Emily Chambers who spoke so eloquently about school council and Alastair Burrows who talked us through the skills he had developed on the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, all of whom have bright futures ahead of them. In addition, it was pleasing to see the vast number of clubs that are taking place and how many students attend them; a great way to end the evening.

On Tuesday, I was in Ipswich doing some school support and was really pleased to hear that the Winterton Quintet had ‘11 Downing Street’ effusive in praise for their musicianship. They are such a credit to the school and I am incredibly proud of them. I am told that it was a great performance and there can’t be many better locations to do one of your final performances. The girls commented that it was one of the most momentous occasions of their musical careers and a great way to celebrate their time here at CNS coming to an end.

I have also continued to enjoy visiting English lessons to do a short presentation on the importance of rhetoric.

On Thursday, I met with Professor Neil Ward (Pro Vice Chancellor of the UEA) to discuss how our excellent collaboration can be developed even further and it was a very valuable discussion with plenty of common ground, especially in the area of participation of disadvantaged students in higher education.

I am really looking forward to the weekend, as my youngest son Robert is back for a few days and we are all going to a 60th birthday party Saturday evening. The downside is that I won’t be able to watch the Wales v England game live – it better be a good party!

Have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing students back on Monday 20th February.


Jim Nixon