City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 16th June 2017

The current political situation is intriguing to say the least, many of our students were talking about the outcome last Friday and the beginning of this week. CNS students are very astute and politically aware (as the candidates discovered during the school hustings) so it was an interesting experience overhearing various discussions. At a time of upheaval, it is important that schools carry on doing what they do best. We don’t know yet what the impact will be on education, but what we do know is that Justine Greening continues as Secretary of State for Education; what education policies will be put forward remains to be seen. The past couple of years would appear to have seen some ‘norms and expectations’ turned on their head with the people (of various countries) making unexpected choices. Although it has brought uncertainty, it may also bring dialogue and engagement.

On Monday, we had the Governors Steering Committee followed by enrichment. Both were very different meetings – going from the strategic vision of the school to discussing the long list and variety of trips and visits that have taken place this academic year (to highlight just two agenda items) both as valuable as each other. Next Monday is the Strategic Progress Board and Finance and General Purposes Committee meetings. We are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated and highly skilled Governors who make such a significant contribution to the school.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, I was at the Principals’ conference at Sir Stanley Matthews Academy in Stoke-on-Trent. This time it included a farewell for Professor Toby Salt who moves on to be Chief Executive of AQA. Toby has led OAT with great integrity; I have great respect for him. He is always interested in students and how they are doing, he is grounded and cares whilst being determined that every OAT school continues to improve no matter how well they are doing. Surprisingly, Toby also delivered a great farewell speech to me and I was overwhelmed by his generous words. Whilst I was able to say my own farewell to colleagues as it was my last Principal’s conference, I suspect I will still be attending some future events in a different capacity.

This weekend, we are delighted to have both Richard and Robert home. Richard has been in Africa for the past 4 weeks, in charge of the media for the Ugandan marathon. As Robert lives in London, he is very kindly picking up his brother from Gatwick and bringing him home. It’s my perfect weekend.

Whatever you have planned, we are expecting some great warm weather so I hope you all get to enjoy it.

Jim Nixon