City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 20th March 2020

It has been an incredibly challenging week for all members of the CNS community, including I am sure yourselves. The speed of changing information has made keeping on top of communication difficult, but I am confident we have done our best to keep families informed. Please use our website as the central point of all information and only contact the school if this doesn't answer your questions. Information changes daily and we will continue to update the website throughout the period of closure and continue to keep you fully informed.  

For Year 11 and Year 13 students, today is their last day at CNS and they are devastated that their time to shine and enjoy their final days has been prematurely and unexpectedly taken from them. Both year groups have been a credit to the school and themselves and will be sorely missed by us all. I wish them success and happiness and we look forward to seeing them all again, either as Year 12 or at celebratory events once we have returned to normal.  

Thank you for all your kind wishes and thanks you have sent over the last few days and I have passed those on to staff who are also appreciative of your kindness. 

I wish all CNS families well in the next few weeks and look forward to when we can reopen CNS and welcome our students back.  

Jo Philpott 

Twitter: @head_cns_school