City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 24th March 2017

I begin this week’s echo with my personal congratulations to Ms Philpott who was appointed Headteacher yesterday, following a rigorous two day process. I know what she will have been through, not only all the tasks, interviews and presentations but the constant cross referencing and triangulation that goes on throughout the two days.

As many of you know, CNS is 107 years old and there are some interesting facts on the leadership of the school. In the sixth form study hall (just to the right as you go in from reception) there is a photograph of Tom Elkins who is at present, the longest serving Headteacher of CNS. What is often not noted, is that in the background of the photo are paintings of the previous four Headteachers before Tom’s time in office, dating back to 1910. Gordon Boyd followed Tom and was in post for eight years then Ian Bloom, who came from Downham Market High, was Acting Head for a year until I joined in September 2009. Ms Philpott therefore, will be only the 8th permanent Headteacher in 107 years and coincidently, the first female Headteacher in the long history of our excellent school. In an educational environment where it sometimes seems that Headteacher’s come and go; at CNS this is not the case. The students of CNS will continue to experience continuity and stability in leadership whilst benefiting from new developments and improvements that I know Ms Philpott will bring. As a member of the public said to me a little while ago CNS is a “proper Headship”.

Whilst the two day interviews were taking place, I was involved in school-to-school support with Ormiston. I have great respect for the Principals I was working alongside and it was such a privilege to see the excellent work that was taking place; I was able to give some suggestions for further improvement whilst taking away as many ideas myself for CNS.

This weekend, I will be doing some letter writing and with some good weather predicted, hopefully getting out on my bike for a couple of hours.

I know that you will join me in sending thoughts and prayers to the families and those affected by this week's terrorist attack in London.

Enjoy your weekend.

Jim Nixon