City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 25th September 2020

Term is now settling into its own rhythm and we are all getting used to the new school day, longer lessons and year group zones. School feels vibrant and purposeful and the vast majority of our students have adapted brilliantly and are showing real strength of character in doing so. Our 3 Ps of prepared, punctual and polite are life skills as well as the CNS Behaviour Policy, however a minority of students are not yet meeting all expectations with uniform and  punctuality. It is important that home and school work together to support your child and a lack of certainty around expectations can mean students push the boundaries at home and school.  

Uniform is CNS polo shirt, skirts, long trousers or shorts with the CNS logo and a school jumper if required, discrete jewellery and make up can be worn. PE uniform is all CNS branded and can be worn on days students have PE.  Stretchy skirts, bold make up and jewellery, hoodies, non-CNS sportswear, ¾ length trousers and hats and headscarves that are not worn for cultural or religious reasons are not CNS uniform and will be given a uniform negative with repeat offenders receiving a more serious sanction. Teachers are focusing on making sure gaps in learning are being taught and delayed learning due to incorrect uniform is unfair on all our students. Thank you for your support with this and please contact school if you have any questions or require support in having the right uniform. 

We are hosting our first virtual Parents Evening next week for Year 11 and teachers are greatly looking forward to speaking with families. Our Open Evenings will also be virtual this year and please see our website for more details.  

Finally, as the common cold works its way around families, this video may be useful: 

I am looking forward to an autumnal weekend and hope you have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you have planned. 

Jo Philpott 

Twitter: @head_cns_school