City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 27th March 2020

CNS has remained open for a small number of students who have been a pleasure to have around. Keeping school open requires a significant number of staff with catering, site team, teachers, pastoral managers all needing to be here for students to be safe. I would like to thank all colleagues who have been in school this week as it has been greatly appreciated by the students and their families.  

I would also like to thank colleagues who are adapting to a different working environment to ensure that learning and the welfare of our students can continue in a different way. It will have been a week of readjustment for school and families and I hope that the learning provided has made this transition easier for everyone.  

Thank you for all the positive messages we have received across the week, it is really appreciated and a wonderful morale boost in challenging times. 

More information will follow next week via our website about Easter closure and summer term opening. 

Keep safe and well and tell your children how much we miss them.  

Jo Philpott 

Twitter: @head_cns_school