City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 30th June 2017

Walking around the school earlier in the week, it was good to see students working hard and what was also pointed out by my guest was the excellent atmosphere in lessons.

The number of empty classrooms pointed to year 11 and year 13 being on study leave and how different the school feels when they are not here. Numbers reduce further when year 10 go on their work experience.

This week, I have had a number of ‘last’ meetings. On Tuesday, I attended my last ‘Guildhall & NYCM’ management meeting. I confess to feeling real pride in what we have achieved in this unique partnership and indeed how it came about. Mr Brodie, my Business Manager at the time, came to see me to say that The Guildhall were contacting schools looking for a space to develop a school for young musicians on Saturday mornings. Knowing my passion for music, Mr Brodie alluded to the potential for CNS to be involved and how we could look far deeper than simply providing a space. Within a minute of meeting Steve Dagg (Director of CYM National Strategy as part of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama), I knew we could create a unique approach and so it has proved to be. I thoroughly enjoyed the meeting listening to potential future developments in the months and years to come and will miss my involvement next year.

Wednesday was my last OAT East meeting as Headteacher. The Heads (apologies but I just am not used to the terms ‘Principal’ and ‘Academy’) are an excellent group of professionals; very knowledgeable and supportive and crucially willing to share or ask for help. Collaboration is critical in school improvement so it is a real pleasure to sit around a table and share ideas on a regular basis. Today (Friday) was my last Cluster Heads and Chairs meeting; again an excellent forum for collaboration and peer to peer support amongst colleagues.

There is still much to do in my final three weeks and I have never been busier. Our eldest son Richard is back from a short break in Sardinia so I will be enjoying having him home. Saturday, we are having my Senior Leadership Team farewell dinner so a busy and enjoyable weekend ahead.


Hope you enjoy the weekend.


Jim Nixon