City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 31st January 2020

It has been a fantastic week and while I feel blessed to work with young people every day, this week has been a particularly enjoyable one. Thornham House held their Charities Day yesterday lunchtime with a range of games, food and activities for students to enjoy. Lots of students participated and the sense of House identity and pride was clearly evident. Students have an obvious loyalty to their House and the system goes beyond that of the progress, pastoral and attendance support it gives. Well done to everyone involved on the organisation and contribution to the event. 

I also tweeted this week about how impressed I am by Year 7 and how superbly they meet the expectation of the 3 Ps, ‘polite, prepared and punctual’ as well as having the highest overall attendance. I have been visiting lessons with many of their former Primary School Headteachers, all of whom comment on the positive attitudes to learning and high-quality work they are producing. Settling into high school can be tricky and if you are a Year 7 parent or carer, please do give your child a big hug and well done for being such a star!  

Thank you for your support in ensuring your child is getting the basics of uniform, equipment and punctuality right – tutors are doing daily uniform and equipment checks to ensure everyone is ready for learning.  

On the day we leave the European Union I hope you enjoy the weekend, whatever you have planned. 

Jo Philpott 

Twitter: @head_cns_school