City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 31st March 2017

School continues to be vibrant and busy, right up until the last day of term.

It was great to have Ian Seath in again who supports us with our school improvement. He had some productive meetings and came with me on a learning walk where we observed some excellent lessons from KS3 through to 6th form.

Many years ago, when I worked in Kent, the Headteacher arranged a training day that focused solely on looking back at how far the school had travelled and celebrate all the improvements. During mine and Ian’s learning walk, I reflected on one change that we introduced many years ago and that was staff teaching a wide range of year groups rather than focus on a particular year. The point I was making to Ian was that students in the lower school are benefitting from teachers with excellent subject knowledge who want the class to be studying their subject not only at GCSE but at ‘A’ level.

It’s been an excellent term and as we break up for the Easter, as I always mention this time of year; we return to an intense time of preparing for examinations. Students who are sitting exams should be working hard over the holiday, they will get their own additional break once the GCSE and A levels are finished; so now is the time to work.

I am looking forward to picking up our eldest son Richard (who is currently in Kenya) from Heathrow at 4am on Tuesday 4th April and bringing him home to celebrate his 26th birthday the following day. We are also hoping to meet up with our youngest son Robert in London too so it should be a fantastic Easter.

Whatever you may be doing over the Easter period, whether you are home or away, I hope you get some quality relaxing time.

Jim Nixon