City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 4th May 2018

House assemblies have recently focused on rewards and the positive house spirit this fosters has brilliantly celebrated our motto of 'Excellence In All.'  Well done to everyone who received an award and a special mention to Bella Bygrave in Year 7 who has already achieved over 500 positive points this year.

Year 12 have been in mid-semester exams this week which has made the 6th form feel very different. As exams approach, school has a very different atmosphere and it is noticeable when exams begin how quiet school becomes. Year 11 and 13 had their group photographs taken this week and I encourage students to purchase these if possible. In the age of social media, copies of photographs are not always stored and having attended a reunion myself last weekend, the first thing I did on my return was dig out the old photos to remind me of those times. Memories are retained through regularly discussing past events and prompted by visualising them through photographs; without these, past time can too quickly be forgotten. 

Our librarian Mr. Wilson and Head Boy Pippin have been auditing the library and compiling a list of overdue books of which there are sadly rather a lot. Borrowed books can easily be left in bags and bedrooms and if you are aware of any that your son or daughter may have, can I ask that they are returned without fear of recrimination in order that we can build our stock for the pleasure of our many readers.   

I am looking forward to the bank holiday weekend which will hopefully bring some fine weather and chance to get in the garden. I hope you have a good weekend and enjoy whatever you are doing. 

Jo Philpott

Twitter: @head_cns_school