City of Norwich School

Headteacher's Message, Friday 9th June 2017

The last day for Year 11 (just before half-term) was, as always, a very special event. Although many will return in September for 6th form, (about 95% of our students who qualify for the sixth form join us in year 12), we were saying farewell to those who don’t. I have always believed that such events are a time when the relationship between school and student comes to the forefront. The day is always packed with humour and emotion and it is simply a real honour to be there.

At Gordon Boyd’s farewell event, when he was leaving the Local Authority, he brought along some blue and yellow iris’s and placed them in front of the Winterton Quintet just before they started playing. He asked me if CNS still handed one out to each individual year 11 student at the end of the leavers’ assembly and was quite touched when I said yes. It is a unique tradition and one which I was more than happy to continue; the students were also touched by this tradition as they were handed their flower when they were leaving.

On Tuesday, I visited another Ormiston school along with my PA Mrs Ellis. The sharing of good practice extends beyond teaching and this was one example where PA’s were able to get together and talk about their roles and share good ideas whilst I was meeting with the Principal. The school is very different to CNS but as always many of the issues are very similar. As a new Headteacher (in January 2005 at Great Yarmouth High), I quickly realised the importance of the PA role, not only in support but also how they could be an excellent sounding board.

Examinations have continued this week and in discussions with students, I am reminded that when asking them “how did it go” the response of “OK” is ideal. I would worry if they said anything else, especially if the word ‘easy’ was used.

Have a good weekend.


Jim Nixon