City of Norwich School

Helping Year 11s make the right choices

In Year 11, students have important choices to make regarding their next steps.  They can: 

  • Continue education at Sixth Form or College
  • Take an Apprenticeship 
  • Gain employment with Accredited Training
  • Do volunteering work combined with part-time study or training

If students decide to stay in education they will need to make decisions on

  • what subjects to study
  • what qualifications to aim for
  • where to study

Help You Choose is Norfolk’s careers information, advice and opportunities website and online applications system for young people. It is a website to ‘help you choose’ your next step.

We have put together a PowerPoint to you help you understand how to use this website and this can be viewed here: Help You Choose PowerPoint presentation

We strongly advise students to have submitted their applications by Christmas to CNS, as well as other providers.  This will ensure that students, subject to grades, will be more likely to secure a place on their chosen course(s)