City of Norwich School


Thank you to Daryl Long who writes history articles for the Norfolk Record Office and sent us the article below based on CNS school magazines. 

In this case, it was the summer 1917 edition and mentions staff and old boys who lost their lives in the war. 

"In these sad days we are for ever expecting yet fearing to receive news of the loss of some who were dear to us. Never a day passes but some are bereaved, and hardly a family in the country exists that has not been plunged into sorrow by the loss of one or more of its members.  Apart from the actual families of the dead, there is no place in which this grim aspect of war is brought nearer than it is in a school."

Please read the full article here: "Old Boys, the School Salutes You"

The article is also a useful tool to share with Y9s, particularly for those who want to do the research element of the new homework tasks.