City of Norwich School

Hidden Humanities Competition

Calling all Year 7, 8 & 9 students! 

OAT is running a Hidden Humanities Enrichment competition, providing students with an opportunity to look again at our lockdown locations and explore what is sometimes taken for granted.

We are asking key stage 3 pupils to take a photograph of "Hidden Humanities" from within their local community while they are out exercising.  The aim is to encourage pupils to be more curious about their local communities, to deepen their knowledge of and connection with them.

Pupils will need to get creative with their ideas and provide justification for what makes the everyday significant.  Possible local history inspiring locations could be; historical statues, landmarks, historic building, plaques. Possible geographical influences could be beaches, erosion, building developments, pollution, different settlement types. Religious education ideas could include Easter and Holi celebrations, mosques, food banks, charitable volunteers and local churches.

About the competition

Pupils need to be able to say what their humanities photograph relates to (history, geography or RE) and explain what it is in approximately 100 words, providing detail on how these everyday photos actually have significant stories behind them, (for example, why is it remarkable? what does it really reveal? why should we remember it? why does it resonate/feel relevant in today’s world?)

Photographs and written summaries in any media format need to be emailed into,, and by 26th March.  Selected entries will then be sent to OAT for submission in the national competition which closes on 23rd April. After this date, two winning entries from each region will be chosen and awarded £10 Amazon vouchers, with one pupil from each area being selected to take part in the grand final where they get the chance to win a further £30 Amazon voucher.

Good luck!