City of Norwich School

Norfolk County Music Festival

Over the past two weeks, musicians from CNS have been performing in the Norfolk County Music Festival.  The Festival was founded in 1925 to encourage and support amateur music making, singing and teaching throughout the county and beyond. It provides a wonderful opportunity for learners at all levels to perform under concert conditions in front of a friendly audience.

CNS entered 11 ensembles this year which was a record for the school and which consisted of Jazz and Funk Bands, Percussion, Cello, Senior Sax and Junior Sax Groups, Brass and Vocal Ensembles, Stage and Flute Choirs and Orchestra. 

In addition, Chris Brooke in Year 10 wrote a superb film music arrangement for Orchestra called 'A Million Star Avengers'

A huge well done to everyone involved and in particular to the Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble and Senior Sax Group who were all graded outstanding for their performances.