City of Norwich School


OAT Annual Awards 2019 Nominees

The Ormiston Academy Trust Annual Awards provides a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the staff and students across the OAT network of academies who have made, and continue to make, a significant contribution. 

Staff within OAT's academies across the country were asked to nominate staff and students for various award categories and over 120 nominations were submitted. 

CNS are very proud of the students and staff who received nominations, all of whom received letters and certificates in recognition of their achievement:

Posy O'Rourke for 'Creativity Prize' 

Aidan Dures for 'Academic Accomplishment Award'

Callum Churchman for 'Academic Accomplishment Award' 

Lydia Hare for 'Most Improved Award'

Peter Boker for 'Most Improved Award'

Tim Hare for 'Innovator Prize'

Maud Webster for 'Innovator Prize'

Emily Chambers for 'Budding Linguist Award'

Anna Dawson for 'Volunteer Award'

Francis Anderson for 'Enrichment Champion Award'

Posy O'Rourke went on to win the award for which she had been nominated and she celebrated her success last night at the OAT Annual Awards Ceremony in London.  

Well done all!


  Aiden Dures                                                                 Tim Hare


  Maud Webster                                                        Emily Chambers


  Lydia Hare                                                                    Anna Dawson