City of Norwich School

And the Nominees were.....

The Ormiston Academy Trust Annual Awards provides a great opportunity to recognise and celebrate the staff and students across the OAT network of academies who have made, and continue to make, a significant contribution. 

Staff within OAT's 36 academies across the country were asked to nominate staff and students for various award categories and hundreds of nominations were submitted.  CNS are very proud of the students and staff who received the following nominations:

Ben Pease-Barton for 'Creativity Prize' 

Hannah Richmond for 'Academic Achiever'

James Whyman for 'Academic Accomplishment' 

Archie Roques for the 'Einstein Prize'

Emily Chambers for 'Budding Linguist'

Mr Bewick for 'Securing Futures'

Mr Sayers for 'Enrichment Champion'

Ben Pease-Barton and Hannah Richmond went on to win the awards for which they were nominated and they celebrated their success last week at the OAT Annual Awards Ceremony.

However, all students and staff have been recognised by the Trust for their nominations and those that did received their certificates for their achievements from Ms Philpott this week. 

Well done all!


Archie with his certificate for his nomination for                  Emily with her certificate for her nomination                                 the 'Einstein Prize'                                                      for 'Budding Linguist'     


                                       James with his certificate for his nomination                                                                                                                for 'Academic Accomplishment'                                                  


        Mr Bewick with his certificate for his nomination              Mr Sayer with his certificate for his nomination                            for 'Securing Futures'                                              for 'Enrichment Champion'