City of Norwich School

Phishing Emails

Due to the recent phishing emails that we have been affected by and in order to maintain the security of our system, we are ensuring that everybody at CNS sets a new login password. 

This password reset has to be done whilst in school.  As Year 11 students are currently on study leave, we made the decision to make this change for them and created temporary passwords for every Year 11 student and have sent them letters regarding this today.  We are asking these students to log on with this temporary password and create their own secure passwords immediately.   This temporary password change has taken effect from this morning, Thursday 6th June. 

As we have seen a rise in these sorts of emails, it is vital that we all stay vigilant in all the of the emails we receive, both personal and school based.  Any email that does not look like a normal email, even if from a known source, should be checked out before opening.  Here are some tips to avoid opening emails that pose security risks: 

  • Think before you click!  If you know the contact, email them separately to verify that they have sent you something legitimately.  Whether you do or do not know the contact, if you are sceptical of the content, do not open any links before checking them out. 
  • Never give out your password or any personal details over the internet or to new links sent to you by email.  If the email says it contains sensitive material that requires a password, it will be accompanied by a new password that will have been sent to you separately. 
  • URL links to websites should always begin with "https" and there should be a closed lock icon near the address bar.