City of Norwich School

Pupil Premium Plus – Annual School Census

In January we will be completing our annual school census. If your child has previously been in care and is now adopted or living with you under a special guardianship order or child arrangement order, the school is able to claim £2,300 each year to support the social, emotional and academic needs of this group of previously looked after children.

The process for the school to claim the Pupil Premium Plus is through self-declaration in early January. If you would like us to claim, you must declare your child/children’s status to the school before then.

The Department for Education requires you to provide evidence of your child’s status by sharing your adoption/special guardianship/child arrangement order or showing a letter from the local authority confirming that they placed your child with you. Please be reassured that this information will be treated in the strictest confidence and that names and details are not part of the census.

Please contact your child's House team should you wish to declare your child’s previously looked after status.

Please be aware that you must declare your child’s status each time they move to a new school. If you have previously declared their status to us, you do not need to do so again.

How will funding be used?

It is important to understand that the funding is not ring-fenced to the child that attracts it. This gives the school flexibility in determining how the Pupil Premium Plus can best support this group of children for instance examples of spending are it might be used for whole staff training on attachment or alternatively additional support at unstructured times of the day.

We are keen to work in partnership with parents and guardians to discuss how Pupil Premium Plus can best be spent to support their children and welcome discussions about this. We are transparent about how we spend our Pupil Premium Plus funding and this can be viewed in our annual Pupil Premium report.

The information you provide us will only be used for Pupil Premium Plus purposes only. If you would like school staff to know about your child’s previously looked after status so they are better able to understand and support them please contact the school.