City of Norwich School

Reading, Libraries and Transition

We recognise the value of encouraging as many students to read as wide a range of books, whenever and wherever possible.  So it's great that NOA and Norfolk Libraries have joined up to offer a new pilot project that supports children's access to libraries. 

In an effort to remove barriers and support access for all, the Norfolk Library Service are offering an easy way to access e-books through their new e-media lite membership.  You can sign your children up for membership here.

You can also use this link to sign up for full library membership, which gives children access to books from their local library (and DVDs, CDs, computer access).  Children and young people aged 5-11 will no longer be charged late fees if they do not return their books by the due date.

This project is aimed at Year 6 to Year 7 transition, but all parents can sign up their children.