City of Norwich School

School alumni inspire current generation.

Former students from CNS have been returning to the classroom to inspire today’s students to career confidence and academic success.

CNS is one of a thousand state schools and colleges across Britain who work with the national education charity Future First to harness the experience of former students to motivate the current generation through ‘old school tie’ networks.

Nearly 150 former students from a range of careers have registered to offer their talent and experience to current students. They include Paul Kett, a Director General at the Department for Education, who recently spoke to Sixth Formers about the civil service and Dr Alex Celik, Managing Director of Rosehill Polymers who delivered an industry talk on working in chemistry and engineering in the last couple of weeks.

The school wants to contact more former students in established professions and recent leavers in further education, whether they live nearby or have moved away.

Lisa George, Progress Co-ordinator said, "we signed up to Future First’s scheme as it is important for us to continue to develop our network of past pupils.  Their valuable experience is vital in helping us to broaden current pupils’ jobs horizons and equip them for the world of work."

Lisa George, Sixth Form Progress Coordinator, is waiting to hear from former students on Former students can also register with Future First by clicking the “For Former Students” link on the website


Paul Kett


Dr Celik