City of Norwich School

Social Action Group raise money for Welcome Rucksacks

Well done to the Social Action Group who held a cake sale last week and raised £32.67 on behalf of the Norwich Justice and Peace Group for the Welcome Rucksacks project. 

The ‘Welcome Rucksacks’ project started in June 2016 in response to a conversation by one of the two Health Visitors who settle asylum seekers in Norwich with Carol Chilton, a member of the Norwich Justice and Peace Group and a member of the Social Responsibility Group of the Octagon Unitarian Chapel. 

The money will go towards providing rucksacks for both children and adult asylum seekers and refugees. One rucksack costs £30; this includes cleaning and sanitary products for adults and toys and stationary for children and teenagers. 

The rucksacks are very useful for asylum seekers as most cannot afford public transport and walk everywhere. The contents of the rucksacks have been recommended by a settled asylum seeker who has been in Norwich for three years.  They are designed for people who do not speak English and are a sign that the people of Norwich ‘welcome the stranger’.  

Carol Chilton from the Norwich Justice and Peace Group said:

"Congratulations on the result of the bake sale at your school.  Many thanks to everyone involved.  I am thrilled with the £32.67 because it is certainly enough monies to buy items to fill an adult rucksack and have some over towards some items for a teen rucksack.

"I really applaud your 'Social Action' group and I wholeheartedly agree with you on how important it is to get our young people involved with social action.