City of Norwich School

Student Leadership

CNS has appointed a new Head Boy and Head Girl from Year 13 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher.

The role is to be involved across the community, raise the profile of the school, equip the students better for their chosen pathways and to create opportunities other students can aspire to. I look forward to closely working with the chosen students.” Jo Philpott, Headteacher

Congratulations to Pippin Casbourne and Skye Manzies who were selected in the roles as Head Boy and Head Girl.



I’ve been at CNS for 7 years and I love the atmosphere and the ethos. When I was younger at school, I liked having a role model I could look up to, and now I want to be that role model and hopefully instill some of my positive qualities to other students.” Pippin Casbourne

The school has given me so much over the 7 years I have been here, I really want to give back. I also want to shape the role for future year groups.” Skye Manzie

Three Deputy Head Students from Year 11 have been appointed to support the leadership. Well done to Abbie Moore, Zachary Wright and Posy O’Rourke.



Abbie                                           Zachary                                                     Posy

 It’s an interesting way to create relationships with other year groups and it’s rewarding to be able to find out any issues and solve problems if possible. It’s a great opportunity to connect to students and become a role model.” Posy O’Rourke, Deputy Head Student,  Holkham House

I’m good at using my voice and I want to help represent other students who are less able to use their voices. I enjoy standing up for others and I think this is a very exciting and rewarding role.” Abbie Moore, Deputy Head Student, Thornham House

Students have also been appointed as Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House.

Mo Ferazi,Tallulah Gibson and Lauren Jorden represent Blakeney

Posy O’Rourke, Rachel Durban and Scarlet Bishop represent Holkham

Zachary Wright, Cybil Cann, Miller Cozens and Isobel Kroon represent Kelling

Robert Hunter, Abbie Moore, Tom Gourlay and Cleo Rogers represent Thornham

Leon Jansen, Sarah Ireland, Keenan Todd and Katie Griffiths represent Winterton.

 From what the school has given me from Year 7, I feel it’s time to give back something. I think a leadership role will also help me in the future as I want to show I am committed to it.” Robert Hunter, Head Boy, Thornham House

My form tutor recommended me and said it would help with my confidence. I enjoy being a role model and part of the school community. I will need to speak out at events so I will definitely learn to be more confident.” Sarah Ireland, Head Girl, Winterton House

Well done to all the students who will now represent City of Norwich School – An Ormiston Academy in a leadership role.