City of Norwich School

Student mock election

As part of encouraging citizenship and political awareness CNS students took part in a mock election on June the 8th that mirrored the real General Election.Prior to the election, students were encouraged to think about views and policies from all sides of the political spectrum and taught that voting is a personal choice.
On June the 8th students voted in their form groups in the knowledge that it was a secret ballot and that it was their choice as to which party they voted for or whether they chose to vote at all; the idea being to give them an experience close to that of voting in a General Election much like they will when they are 18.

Our mock election results are purely a reflection of the views of the student body and it was great to see students from all year groups being so engaged and interested in the issues and the process.

Mr.Poore, Sociology Subject Leader

School Election Results

The Conservative Party 77 (8%)

The Green Party 110 (11%)

The Labour Party 631 (66%)

The Liberal Democrats 35 (4%)

UKIP 110 (11%)