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Students interviewed live on BBC Radio

Two Year 12 Film Studies students Hollie and Grace, recently had the exciting opportunity to be interviewed live on BBC Radio Norfolk about a documentary film making project they’ve completed as part of BBC Voices.  The scheme works with schools and other organisations to give people a taste of how the BBC works and provide them with an opportunity to make short films.

The project involved eight CNS Year 12 Film Studies students, all of whom have expressed an interest in pursuing a career in the media, having the opportunity to visit the BBC’s studios in Norwich to discuss their ideas and make a film. 

During the trip, the students had a tour of the TV and radio studios and had some formal training in how to make documentaries. The group discussed possible projects and decided to make a documentary about the Royal Arcade in Norwich. This would be for the BBC Voices Norfolk on Film website, which is filled with stories made by different groups of people about life in Norfolk.

The students set about planning their films by researching the shops and formulating questions and then went on to shoot the videos and edit them - all in a single day!  All in all, four films were made – ‘The Royal Arcade, a brief overview’, ‘Macarons Final’, ‘Royal Arcade Berry and Grey’ and ‘Langley’s Toy Shop in Norwich’  

Following the project, Radio Norfolk approached the school and asked for volunteers to feature on the Matthew Gudgin show, where BBC Voices have a monthly slot. Hollie and Grace volunteered and they were interviewed by Matthew on Thursday 3rd May at 16:40pm. 

Mr Rootham, Deputy Curriculum Leader for English, said:

“I’ve worked with BBC Voices for over 10 years and each year take students to visit the studios.  As always, this trip was a fantastic opportunity and has given students an insight into how documentaries are made and how the BBC works. It has inspired these students to seriously consider a career in the media”  
Hollie McGuire, a Year 12 student interviewed on BBC Radio Norfolk, said:
“I already really wanted to get into broadcasting and, in February, went on a film course with Culture Works East and the British FiIm Industry. However, the BBC filming was a completely different opportunity and I wanted to get as much experience as possible.
“I really enjoyed the tour of the studios - it was a lot different to how I expected it to be. Making the film was brilliant and it has definitely increased my interest in this area. I’m now thinking about taking Film and Media together with English at university”. 

You can listen to Hollie and Grace's interview on the BBC Radio iplayer and the students films can be viewed here.

In the BBC studios