City of Norwich School

Special assemblies in response to recent terror attacks

Students at CNS have had an opportunity to respond to the recent tragic terror attacks in London and Manchester, and most recently in Finsbury Park. In the weeks following the terror attacks, they wrote their thoughts and feelings on postcards during tutor times. These postcards have been collected and will be sent to the Mayors of Manchester and London. 

This week, a group of sixth formers led a series of assemblies to the main school pupils as they read out poems and speeches about their response to the tragedies.

A special thanks to Charles, Josephine and Pippin for leading the assemblies so eloquently and with great passion for the subject, and for sharing their speeches with a wider audience.




Pippin, Year 12

We all know what’s happened in Manchester and London, in Paris, Pakistan, Afghanistan, in Syria, across the entire world. We all understand that it’s not acceptable and that it’s not right, nobody could say otherwise; the loss of human life in the world in such a violent and horrific fashion is humanity seen at its worse. It frightens and scares us and leads us onto paths where perhaps we would not have wandered before. This fear is a rising force that seeks to threaten and overwhelm us all, and without considerable courage, determination and bravery it may well divide us.

Our school as a community displays all of these characteristics. Our drive to send our condolences via letters to those affected in London and Manchester articulates better than any speech I could make,that injustice anywhere makes a mockery of justice everywhere. The people that carry out these attacks were once people like you and me, they aren't demons, they aren't monsters, they are a product of the world around them. They allowed hate and intolerance and despair and bitterness into their hearts, they don't truly represent any racial, cultural or religious group. As such, those groups that they may be associated with, be it: black, white, Syrian, British, Christian or Muslim, do not wish this destruction on any other.

The acts of a few individuals cannot be allowed to undermine the reputation of an entire people. So please whenever you see intolerance, whenever you see bigotry, whenever you see injustice, right that wrong to the best of your ability. We can fight against this debasement of all moral values, with love and tolerance and understanding, for these are the true values not just of religions or nations but humanity itself.

We can end this merciless cycle of terror: you, me, us; together we will deliver it’s downfall, whether it be in this generation, or the next, or all of those that follow. This journey must start somewhere, a cycle which seems to be endless must be halted and this can only begin with us. With all of our voices together like droplets in an ocean we shall form a sea of acceptance that shall wash over those sands corrupted by extremism and zealotry until all the grains are tranquil and pure.

Only through solidarity and harmony in all walks of life, do we show those that would seek to make us weak and weary: that we, are truly, a unified and united people.

Peace & Love.