City of Norwich School

Students take part in 'Question Time' style event

Last week, a group of sixth form political students took part in a local 'Question time' style debate featuring representatives from all the main political parties in Norfolk. 

The event was organised by Norwich School debating society and held at the Birkbeck Hall of the Great Hospital.

The speakers included Andrew Wiltshire from the Conservative party, James Wright from the Liberal Democrats, Lesley Grahame from the Green party, Toby Coke from UKIP and Burt Bremner representing Labour.

Hot topics included the snap general election (is it going to be fair?), Brexit and the effect it may have in Norfolk, immigration and voter fatigue. 

Students comments:

I thought the trip was very informative. It has slightly changed the way I will vote as I am more likely now to vote green in the local elections, but it has not changed the way I will vote in the general election. 

The debate was a great opportunity to take part in politics and talk about issues both worldwide and local. It has made me think twice about how important my vote is and also how my personal morals fit with the party's. Overall it was a really enjoyable experience.

I found it a very useful session as because of contemporary means of political discourse, such as social media, it is easy to be swayed by ill-informed press and then vote with a bias that cannot be reinforced.

It definitely lived up to my expectations in terms of the criticism and that's a big factor as to why I enjoyed it. Certain parties lived up to what I thought of them. I walked in with the intention of being neutral and not judging purely on the party, however, quickly I discovered that they fulfilled my assumptions.