City of Norwich School

Sugar Smart Assemblies

Student Council members Rachel Durban and Sarah Ireland who are both in Year 11, will be giving a short presentation in two assemblies next week to raise awareness of the dangers of eating too much sugar. 

They will focus on the amount of sugar in popular drinks and snacks and hope to encourage fellow students to take action to reduce the amount of sugar and raise awareness of the impact of sugar on our health.

Rachel and Sarah will be assisted by some Year 8 students and the presentation is intended to be an introduction to a wider campaign that will follow. 

Year 13 student Pippin Casbourne has agreed to a two week challenge as part of this campaign.  Pippin, who currently drinks around 2 litres of Coke a day will refrain from his favourite drink for two weeks to see what impact it has on his daily life.

The two assemblies that the students are presenting to are Blakeney Assembly on Monday 26th February and Kelling Assembly on Tuesday 27th February.