City of Norwich School

Y9 Rhetoric Competition

Well done to the six year 9 students who spoke in front of their peers at the rhetoric competition on Monday 6th March. 

The standard was once again very high and the topics were extremely diverse, they included:

  • Starbucks tax avoidance and social justice: Mathew

With the money Starbucks doesn't pay in tax each year, that could build 42 hospitals.

  • The stress of homework: Harry

We already work hard enough at school, why do we need more of it when we go home?

  • Alcohol and its effects: Felix

You have the choice to drink this poison

  • How important family is and how consoles and electronics are stopping family time: Georgina

Happiness is the best thing you can have

  • Alzheimers and the impact on loved ones: Will

The hardest part for me was when she forgot my name

  • Chocolate, the price increase and size decrease: Matthew

Parents can purchase a Freddo as its small and affordable 


The three judges, Mr,Nixon, Mr Dunne and Ms.Carr judged the competition on research, body language, eye contact, structure, persuasion, rhetorical devices and overall impact. 

The runners up were Felix, Georgina and Matthew. Will came in third place, Harry in second and Mathew won the first prize. 


Y9 Rhetoric Competition 2017.  Felix, Matthew, Harry, Ms.Greenacre, Mathew, Georgina, Will.