City of Norwich School

Year 9 Rhetoric Competition

On Tuesday 20th March, four Year 9 students took part in a Rhetoric Competition where they had to deliver a speech on their chosen subject to the rest of the Year 9 students, along with a judging panel which was made up of Ms Philpott, Miss Carr, Mr Seal and Sixth Form student Joseph. 

Ben, Harlie, Dharshan and Daniel all had to speak for 2-3 minutes on their topic and at the end of each of their speeches, one of the judges gave their feedback.  Once all the speeches had been heard, the judges then decided on the winner. 

The topics ranged from the dangers of smoking and the impact of social media through to bullying, and the students were judged on how well they had researched their piece, the delivery of their speech, it's persuasive structure and their engagement with the audience.  All four students did an excellent job and really impressed everyone with their confidence and effort.  

Ben, whose speech about the dangers of smoking really captivated both the audience and judges won first prize and was awarded an Amazon Kindle. 

Well done everyone! 

Ben receiving first prize from Ms Philpott


Hallie, Dharsham and Daniel giving their speeches.