City of Norwich School

Two Year 9 boys help keep vulnerable child safe

The thoughtful and mature actions of two Year 9 CNS students recently, helped keep a young vulnerable child safe from harm. 

Isaac and Shixuan were on their way home from school on their bikes one day when they saw a young boy dangerously close to traffic on the busy road.  They very quickly realised that he was without an adult and in potential danger, so they attracted his attention and managed to get him to come to them.  The young boy was clearly confused and Isaac and Shixuan were unable to establish where his adult was, so they decided that the best course of action was to call the police while they kept the child distracted by using the bell on Isaac's bike. 

Thankfully, just after calling the police, the boys were approached by two members of staff from a nearby school. The staff explained that they had been made aware that the child had become confused on the way home, and they were therefore searching for him.  Isaac and Shixuan were very sensible and checked both staff member's ID before letting them take the boy. 

CNS received an email the following day, praising the boys for their actions.  In it, the staff member said "I wanted to email to express thanks to two of your pupils....Both boys had kept our pupil safe and had called the police; when we approached, they asked to see our ID cards before letting us take the pupil. 

"Unfortunately, we did not get the names of the two boys, but want to let you know how impressed we were with their maturity and quick thinking.  They are both a credit to your school.

"Please pass on a big thank you from us." 

We were certainly happy to do so and are very proud of the boys and their actions.  Well done Isaac and Shixuan!