City of Norwich School

Young voters - election hustings at CNS

CNS Sixth Formers held a lively debate with the South Norwich candidates on Wednesday 17th May at a hustings event hosted by the school. 

For many students, this will be their first chance to vote in a General Election.  The hustings was organised by Mr.Christopher who explained why it took place at CNS. 

Mr.Christopher, Business studies teacher

With the Hustings, we are hoping to engage with our students and give them the opportunity to get involved with what's happening today. 

Generally, young people are engaged in politics and issues, but sometimes they just feel disconnected from the parties. 

Our aim is to highlight registration and get them to vote. Their vote is important and young people have a big role to play. We hope that from today, they'll vote and they stay interested and engaged. 

Edmund, Y13 student

Brexit's a big issue, so is job creation. I'm following the candidates closely on how they voted for issues.

In the next five years, we're going to be in the adult world, we should have policies that are aimed at us now. Politicians need to do better to make sure young people are involved in politics. 

If you vote to start with, you're more likely to continue voting, you can't complain if you don't have a voice. 

A special thanks to the four candidates for coming along to CNS. Lana Hempsall for the Conservatives, Richard Bearman for the Greens, James Wright for the Liberal Democrats and Clive Lewis for Labour.

The event featured on BBC Look East at 6.30pm on Wednesday 17th May and in the Evening News on Wednesday 17th May:

Students who are 18 years old have until 22nd May to register to vote: