City of Norwich School


To make online payments for school trips, dinners, or other online cash items, please click below


In order to sign up to Pay360, you will receive a Pay360 registration invitation email in due course. This will contain your unique invitation code. To register on SIMS Pay, you will need one of the following accounts:
• Microsoft
• Office 365
• Apple, Google
• Facebook
• Twitter

If you do not have any of these accounts, you can create a Microsoft or Google account for free ( or

Follow the link to Pay360 in your email invite then: -
1. Click the “Register” button at top of the Pay360 website
2. Choose the type of existing account you wish to use to login to Pay360
3. You will then be prompted to log in to that account
4. Once you have been returned to the Pay360 registration page you will need to enter the invitation code supplied in the email
5. Click register to complete the registration process 

Please ensure every time you access Pay360 you use the same account and you do not click the “SIMS” login account type on the login screen. 


We understand that there may be some teething issues getting setup on Pay360 and appreciate your support in signing up to SIMS Pay as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any issues please contact in the first instance. If the issue is technical please include a screenshot to help us better respond. 

Where it is not possible to provide funds online for cashless catering purchase, cash can be loaded into the student’s account using one of the cash machines by the student prior to making purchases from one the catering serving points.
Please note, cash payments can not be made at any till points and no change can be given when topping up an account using cash. 

It is no longer be possible to allow a dinner money account to go overdrawn without the express permission of a parent/carer. Therefore, if your child does not have sufficient money on their account to buy lunch, they will need to report to student services. A phone call will be made to a parent/carer to seek verbal consent to provide food and allow the balance to go overdrawn. Parents/carers must then ensure the dinner money account is topped up immediately with sufficient funds to cover the overdraft and food on subsequent days.
Please be reassured that no student will go hungry due to insufficient funds.