City of Norwich School

Student Leadership Programme

Student Leadership and Student Voice at CNS  


Student Leadership at CNS is a central strand of student achievement that enables confidence building, raises aspirations and recognises the talent of our student community.  We aim to provide opportunities for learners to develop leadership skills as well as facilitating a partnership between students and staff to gain a deeper understanding of our school and community. The Student Voice and Student Leaders will help develop a shared vision for the City of Norwich School.

Form Captains and Deputy Form Captains

The Form Captains are self-nominated and then decided upon by the Form Tutor to represent their Tutor Group each year the second week in September. The Form and Deputy Form Captains should help arrange the Tutor Group activity to raise money for the House Charity chosen for their relevant half term.  The Deputy Form Captain will deputise for the Form Captain in all their duties when required. Communications- the Form Captains and Deputy Form Captains key responsibility is to feedback the student voice from the House Council. Form Captains and Deputy Form Captains should support the Tutor with Tutor Group organisation such as the notice board as well as supporting any House activity.

The Tutor Group teacher sets aside one day per two weeks to support the Form Captain and Deputy with communication of the actions and suggestions of their House Council and School Council. It is a Tutor Group activity one day per week cycle two weeks for the group to discuss school news updates and refer to the Tutor Group notice board.

House Council

Deputy Student House Leader’s run the House Council along with the staff Deputy House leader.

The House Council is made up of 10 Form Captains from each Tutor Group. If a form Captain cannot attend, then the Deputy Form Captain should attend. The House Councils are responsible for supporting the choice of the House charity each year and organising the House charity events for their half term.

The House Council meetings are held at Tutor time once every two weeks.

Communication - Notes from the School Council are shared at each House Council. Feedback and suggestions as well as issues raised are noted for each House Council meeting.  These notes are handed into Student Services immediately to be shared at a Form time every 2 weeks. The notes are raised to School Council by the student House Leader.

House Student Leaders

Year 11/ (Year 10 Summer Term) students represent each of the school’s five House communities.  The Student Leaders need to demonstrate a past record of positive contribution and student participation within the school. There is a thorough application process which involves interviews and presentations at House Assemblies.  Student Leaders undergo leadership training, support at key events and have school duties and responsibilities.

Student House Leaders are expected to be role models at each House Assembly. They are to sit at the front, support giving out awards. Student Leaders present the School Council discussion points and actions each half term. Throughout the year Student Leaders will act as CNS representatives at whole school events.

CNS House and Sixth Form Student Council

House Student Leaders representatives lead their House representation within the Student Council.  These students ensure clear communication from the Student Council to House Councils and then onto the Tutor Groups. The House Student Leaders are tasked with bringing their student voice ideas from each Tutor Group up into the CNS Student Council. These leaders ensure the whole school community has a strong voice in what is discussed by CNS Student Council. Any proposals and concerns are fed into the senior leadership team for consideration. All student funding requests to the CNSA are made formally by School Council members as well as club’s representatives.

Communications Each meeting each House Council member will share their key House points from their House meeting. The School Council minutes are given to Student Services for sharing with all Houses and staff.   

Student Guides and Ambassadors

Year 8 and Year 9 Student Guides provide tours to visitors of the school, ensuring that any questions are answered.  There are greater Student Ambassador Numbers required at key events, such as the Open Evening.

Sports Captains and Performing Arts Captain

Years 7- 9 students selected for leadership skills, effort and commitment in subject areas.

Students in all years will support the provision of their performing Arts/ team sport, e.g. Year 7 football captains will support organising inter House music and PE competitions.  The students will be nominated and will be nominated by the Arts/ PE department based on effort, results and commitment to the sport.

Other Student Leadership Groups:

  • Anti-Bullying Group
  • Charities Captains #iwill Social action community leaders
  • Year 11 Year Book and Prom Committee


Teaching & Learning Teams


Student Voice panels

These are chosen each year by House Leaders to be representative of our student body. They give constructive feedback on a range of Teaching and Learning aspects,

Student Interview Panels

Students from all years can be selected to be part of the interview process for all new staff.  They are selected to represent the school community as a student guide and give a whole school prospective to any applicant.


Sports Captain Job Description

Year 11 Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House Job Description