City of Norwich School

Head Students

Every year, CNS appoints new Head Students from Year 13 to represent the school and to work closely with the Headteacher.

The role is to be involved across the community, raise the profile of the school, equip the students better for their chosen pathways and to create opportunities other students can aspire to. I look forward to closely working with the chosen students.” Jo Philpott, Headteacher

Head Students

Congratulations to Tim Hare, Maia Kemp-Welsh and Molly Potter who were all selected in the roles as Head Students for 2018-19.


                        Tim Hare                                 Maia Kemp-Welch                       Molly Potter

Tim Hare

A CNS student since year 7, Tim is now studying A-Level Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Product Design. He is currently working to bring student requests to the CNS Business Manager.  Within school Tim has been involved in a space balloon launch, Bridge Club and the Youth STEMM Award scheme.  Outside of school he is an avid sea angler and electronics hobbyist.

Maia Kemp-Welch

Maia is studying A-Level History, Chemistry and Biology and is hoping to continue studying History in the future. Since Year 7 she has been involved in the Music Department, performing in concerts and music productions.  Maia has also been active in setting up and taking part in mixed-year clubs such as a philosophy and a debate club. She enjoys connecting with the younger students, particularly in her role as Literacy Tutor for Year 7s. As Head Student she hopes to enrich the school community by ensuring students get involved in school activities and have their voices heard.

Molly Potter

Molly is a passionate dramatist, not only taking Theatre A-Level, she has also played a lead role in the most recent school musical Betty Blue Eyes and is part of the Young Producers programme at the Theatre Royal. Alongside this, Molly studies Biology and History so has gained a multidisciplinary approach to learning and thus has some unique ideas about improving the school. Molly’s aim is to encourage every student to achieve their potential. After her own experience in the SEND department and struggling with some aspects of school, she came out with amazing grades at GCSE’s and wants every student to be equipped with the exam as well as life skills to do the same.

Deputy Head Students 

Two Deputy Head Students from Year 11 have been appointed to support the leadership. Well done to Flora Pechey and Aravind Sundaresan.



                                   Flora Pechey                                  Aravind Sundaresan


Flora Pechey

As a Year 11 student, Flora loves coming to school where she has lots of friends and where her GCSE lessons allow her to explore the topics that interest her the most. History is one of Flora’s favourite subjects as she is intrigued by past events, what caused them and how decisions that may appear small can trigger major changes in the world.  Flora also loves Drama because it allows her to put herself into another person’s perspective and try and look at the world, and scenarios with a different viewpoint. Outside of school Flora has participated in a number of productions through her involvement in musical theatre. She also enjoys playing music and writing songs and has played at a few shows as part of the Sonic Youth’s programme at Norwich Arts Centre. She is really looking forward to working with the other Head Students this year.   

Aravind Sundaresan

Aravind is Head Student of Blakeney House as well as one of the school’s Deputy Head Students.  He chose to apply for a leadership role because he really wants to leave a legacy at this school.  Outside of school he enjoys taking part in sports such as martial arts.


Heads and Deputy Heads of House

Tjhe following students have also been appointed as Heads of House and Deputy Heads of House:

Aravind Sundaresan, Niamh Reilly, Edie Holmes and Ruby Ashby-Otun represent Blakeney

Mia Bailey-Emblin, Zachary Fraser-Pearce, and Connor O'Neill-Szkukalek represent Holkham

Elizabeth Blissett, Alek Spencer, Katelyn Balls and Jessica Lowry represent Kelling

Maddy Flett, Ian Mathange, Erin Swanepoel and Catey Clancy represent Thornham

Flora Pechey, William Hullock and Josh Oram represent Winterton.


Well done to all the students who will now represent City of Norwich School – An Ormiston Academy in a leadership role.