City of Norwich School

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

CNS Duke of Edinburgh's Award Update - January 2021.


Information for CNS DofE Students & Parents/Carers.

Your DofE section activities can continue in lockdown!

You can change your activity to stay within the guidelines (see below).

All DofE Award activities should take place outside of normal school hours (i.e. in your own time).


Now that we are back in a national lockdown, I understand that you may be scratching your heads as to what you can use for your section activities. I’d like to remind you that the #DofEwithaDifference area of the DofE website has a lot of ideas to help during these times. There is a specific page with sectional activity ideas on things which can be done from home (here). 

If anyone would like to discuss how the current situation may have affected your DofE programme, and how to continue with your DofE activities, please do let me know via email.

Log Sheets:

Continue to fill out your section log sheets. If you have changed your section activity due to lockdown then just add your new activity to your previous activity. The hours for both activities count!

Teachers can be your assessors:

You teachers can be your assessor if you cannot get a non-family member (aged 18 years or older) to be your assessor. Make sure your teacher is aware that they will be your assessor.

If you have any queries or questions, then please do not hesitate to email me.

Mr Lee 

CNS DofE Manager