City of Norwich School

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

CNS is a direct licensed centre for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award. 

Students can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold level.  The 2018/19 programme will run as follows: 

Year 10 (Bronze Award)  77 students - oversubscribed (140 students applied)

Year 11 (Silver Award)

14 students 

Year 12 (Gold Award) 21 students - at capacity 
Year 13 (Gold Award)  21 students - at capacity

The students will create and carry out their sections (Volunteering, Physical and Skill) in their own time.  Each activity takes approximately one hour a week.  The time scale is from three to twelve months, depending on the Award level. 

We run eight expeditions over the academic year (see below) and there are 24 staff members here at CNS who help with the expeditions.  

The DofE leader is Mr. Phil Lee. 

CNSDofE Twitter site: CNS_DofE


Click here to view the: DofE Expedition Information Evening - Feb 2019 - Slideshow

Expeditions 2018 – 2019

Order SILVER Date Year Group Location
1 Practice Mon 15th Oct 5.30pm - Thurs 18 Oct 4.30pm 2018 11 Suffolk 
Order BRONZE Group Date Year Group Location
2 Practice A Thurs 28th Mar 5.30pm - Sat 30th Mar 4pm 2019 10 Trimingham, North Norfolk
3 Practice B

Friday 5th April 8am - Sat 6th April, 4pm  2019


(Yr10 Parents' Evening Thurs 4th April)

10 Trimingham, North Norfolk
4 Assessed A Thurs 6th June 5.30pm - Sat 8th June 4pm 2019  10 Roughton Mill, North Norfolk
5 Assessed B Thurs 13th June 5.30pm - Sat 15th June 4pm 2019 10 Roughton Mill, North Norfolk
Order GOLD Date Year Group Location
7 Practice Monday 8th July 9am - Friday 12th July 9pm 2019 12 


8 Assessed Monday 15th July 9am - Friday 19th July 9pm 2019 13