b'CNS Curriculum and InclusivityThe curriculum at CNS demonstrates breadth and balance in all key stages, with emphasis on subject depth at key stages 4 and 5. Key Stage 3: Years 7, 8 and 9 Key Stage 4: Years 10 and 11English Physical Education In Key Stage 4, students follow a programme of chosen subjects which MathsDesign & Technologyends in GCSE examinations or alternatives. Courses are chosen in ScienceArt Year 9 when students are able to express their preferences from a wide HistoryDrama range of subjects. GeographyComputer ScienceReligious EducationMusic Also at Key Stage 4, students are encouraged to study for the Modern Foreign Languages Higher Project and Extended Project to enhance their academic(MFL)French, Germanachievements. ScholarsThroughout the school, high attaining students are supported via partnership programmes with Cambridge University, Villiers Park and other Higher Education access projects.12'