b'CNS House System and the School DayCNS is divided into five houses (Blakeney, Holkham,The school day starts at 08:35Kelling, Thornham and Winterton). The house system helps to build team spirit and enables recognition ofRegistration and form:08:359:00CNS House System and the School Dayindividual student achievement. Each house has a mixture of students from Years 7 to 11 and each child will be in theLesson 1:09:0010:00same house throughout their five years at CNS.Lesson 2:10:0011:00Break:11:0011:20Each house has a dedicated House Leader, Deputy HouseLesson 3:11:2012:20Leader and a Pastoral Manager. House Leaders are responsibleLesson 4:12:2013:20for helping each child to achieve the highest standards possibleLunch:13:2014:00and for closely monitoring the progress of each child in theirLesson 5:14:0515:05house. The Pastoral Managers are here to support students wellbeing and welfare while they are at CNS. The school follows a two week timetable with a different arrangement of lessons in each of those weeks. Term dates are available on the school website. 8'